vortex of doooommmmmm

Like much of the country, the weather here in Illinois has been less than ideal.

Apparently we are “IN THE GRIPS OF AN ARCTIC VORTEX” according to the very excited meteorologist on the local news. Also, this cold blast is both “DANGEROUS AND DESPERATE” says the weather guy on another channel.




how can weather be desperate???

Anyway, when I woke up Monday morning this is what I saw:


 I am not sure I have ever seen the thermometer say that before. I also woke up to this:


 It is hard to see but water dripped down into the back door and encased it in ice. I think I was able to open it without breaking the handle but we will have to wait for the big thaw later this week to know for sure. Until then the door will not close all the way and whines a bit when I open it. As do I…

In more intriguing news my little dog has become 1 corner of a torrid love triangle!! I present these pictures as evidence of the affair:



In order to keep the pipes from freezing in the kitchen as they like to do, we put a heavy-duty space heater by the cabinet and a love connection was made! The space heater in the living room is there all winter and has taken a back seat in the dogs affection to the stronger one in the kitchen. She will sit there, basking in love’s warm embrace till she can’t stand it anymore. Or until another suitor comes a callin:


 The course of true love doth never run smooth…

Finally, here I am all bundled up to fill the bird feeder and take the compost out. Luckily someone was kind enough to shovel me a path to the compost bins!


 Wish I had some swim goggles to complete this ensemble!

Please enjoy these warm weather pictures and beware the desperate cold!!







Alright, this last 1 is technically a fall picture. But just looking at this picture you can tell that it was warm and sunny and smelled like grass and hay.


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  • Tiffany Buczek

    Usually I feel a sense of perverse satisfaction when I gloat over the weather in CA, but not right now. You guys are going through some serious shit and I am genuinely sorry for that. I hate the cold, so I can only imagine…
    Stay warm and make sure your critters don’t singe their fur.

    • tamtam5

      I have always suspected there was gloating going on in the warmer states and now I have my proof! Thanks for your honesty Tiffany:)
      The animals have been good about moving away from the space heater before getting to the singe level of warmth. So far….

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