When you start to eat better many things happen. Maybe you lose some weight, feel better, clear up a medical condition or 2, get a better nights sleep, have more energy…  a lot of great things will happen when you start eating quality stuff. Here’s one more, maybe not so great thing that you don’t really hear much about to add to that list: you will become a food snob.

It is inevitable.

When you begin to care about the kind of food you eat and strive to eat the best that is available you will turn your nose up at all the other stuff.

And the people who eat it.

Whatever your idea of  “best” may be. Whether you are shooting for a “best” in taste, supply, nutrition, organic or whatever other category you can come up with, all the other stuff will become inferior and unacceptable to your (over) educated palate.  Depending on your particular type of snobbery you may only eat the best grass-fed beef or drink the micro-est of micro-brews. Perhaps your “grown locally” is from the farm down the street and every one elses is second class because it comes from the farm 10 miles away. Maybe your organic vegetables are also watered from a glacier stream… You get the idea.


My snobbery is of the nutritional variety. I have learned a great deal over the years and especially in the last year about what I need to eat to really feel ( and look!) the best I possibly can. As I am not a mutant species from another planet I am pretty positive that most of what works for me would also work for the rest of the population so I am constantly trying to quiet my inner snob when it comes to the food that other people eat.

I am really good at it!

But if you must know, I am probably judging your food if I do not sense an effort on your part to improve your life through proper nutrition as I know it.

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Does this make me feel like a big (wo)man? No. Actually it is pretty irritating. It is irritating to me that you don’t want to feel better and get the addictive food substances monkey off your back.

And it is even more irritating to me that I care in the first place.

And  I really don’t want to be the person on the right!:


so could you do us both a favor and eat a leafy green vegetable once in a while? and maybe read the ingredient list and question the validity of eating a bag of chemicals instead of actual food and…


  • Sarah J

    Eating food that’s good for you is pretty awesome (we’ve been working on this lots this past year, especially this past month since the hubs has needed to go gluten free for health reasons), so long as you can splurge on something naughty and delicious every now and again ;]

    • tamtam5

      :0 absolutely Sarah!

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