january 2014 fly on the wall “the polar vortex edition”

Welcome to this months “Fly On The Wall” post. A fly on the wall post consists of a bunch of random thoughts, incidents and conversations that, while entertaining would not be substantial enough to be a post all by themselves. This is what a fly hanging around with me in January might have witnessed:



I am back to playing the game that lead to the tragic death of my last coffee maker. It goes like this: There is still coffee in the pot but I want to make some more. But I don’t want to throw out the perfectly good coffee still in the pot. So… I add new grounds and pour water into the coffee maker using my big cup. I pour in 12 cups of water because I am going to have some before it is done brewing and then there will be room in the pot for all 12 cups. Then I promise myself I won’t get distracted and I turn it on…


Because she knows she will freeze to death due to her tinyness my little dog has used the back porch as her  bathroom since the vortex descended upon us. In her defense it does have snow on it and it is really cold and….


I drove to work in -1000 degree weather and though my car started just fine, it would not turn off! Something in its little Prius heart could tell that I needed a day off. I left work, took it to the dealer (who fixed it without charging me!) (which is really good because I had nothing of any monetary value on my person at the time) and voilà! 40 minutes later I was back in my kitchen like I had never left!


 In an effort to use some of the water I was forced to run to keep the pipes from freezing thanks to the “POLAR VORTEX OF DOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM” I cleaned out the fridge! Which made me realize I may have a bit of a pickle problem.



Wanted to make some chocolate chia pudding, (http://www.spinstersnacks.com/2013/08/chocolate-espresso-chia-pudding/) but could not conceive of purposely eating something cold, so I made it hot! It was good! Sort of like coco wheats.

sort of.



Saw this picture online:


 and I was like “wow what a great thought!”

for someone else
 I am more like this:


 thanks Lily!


In order to give myself the option of opening the oven and lifting my shirt over the door so for at least a second I feel warm I have been cooking a lot. We got these great tomatoes for 99 cents!




I sliced them in half and put them face down on an olive oiled, parchment lined cookie sheet. Baked ‘em at 350 for about 40 minutes ( might have been a little faster if I hadn’t been using the oven as my own private warming station) and when I took them out they tasted just like stewed tomatoes AND the skins came off in 1 piece.

003          004


 In a decidedly midwestern twist the temperature went up to 40 degrees and it began to rain heavily while we still had about a foot of snow on the ground.

A fun time was had by all.

By that I mean the little dog began pooping on the porch again because the whole yard was under water.

And, when I got home from work I had to take the garbage can back from the end of the driveway in said rain, through treacherous terrain that included ice, several inches of water, and ice hidden by several inches of water. Also my shoes are apparently not water proof so the entire incident was a combination of me almost falling, getting ice water sucked into my shoes with every step, laughing and swearing.



In a fun turn of events, on my way to work the next morning I noticed that everyone else’s cans were still by the curb. That’s right, the garbage man had not come yet because of the cold.*


*in an even fun(er) turn of events, in the 2 weeks since bringing the un-emptied garbage can back from the curb and putting it back into the garage, the garage door has been frozen to the ground and the can has not made it back out to the curb.

Yeah winter!

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  • http://www.themomisodes.com/ Sarah @The Momisodes

    Seriously, this polar vortex thing can suck it. I’m over this cold and I live in Kentucky!

    • tamtam5

      The vortex can indeed SUCK IT Sarah. thanks for stopping by!

  • Karen @ BakingInATornado

    I tried not to laugh at all your winter issues since I feel your pain, but just couldn’t help myself. And the oven thing? I opened the dishwasher to empty it the other night and it was so warm and steamy I tried to climb in.

    • tamtam5

      All of this crazy winter stuff is ridiculously funny. Totally ok to laugh. I like the dishwasher too but it does tend to fog up my glasses.

  • StacySewsandSchools

    I have a confession, I’ve been doing the oven thing, too.
    This morning I had on knee socks, a sweater over my t-shirt and a robe over all of it. I was still cold!

    • tamtam5

      It is crazy the layers I wear these days. I just started wearing knee socks in the last month after a 40 year hiatus due to my ginormous calves. They are awesome. Anyway I hear that spring is a mere 50 something days away… We can do it.

  • Michele@followmehome

    Dang Polar Vortex of Doom! I hate when the garbage man doesn’t come; mostly because our driveway is a skating rink. Don’t feel bad about the oven keeping you warm. I purposely ran the dryer twice so I could sit in a pile of warm towels. Hey, you have to do what you can!

    • tamtam5

      OOh warm clothes from the dryer! I shall go make some of those immediatly!!!

  • erin heels

    I’ll send some of my weather up your way. We’ve had days in excess of 100 degrees down here in Australia lately so I’m happy to send some of it your way.

    • tamtam5

      I thank you for the offer erin! 100 sounds lovely right now, though I know it is far from it. May we both see 75 very soon! Thanks for stopping by.

  • http://thesadderbutwisergirl.com/ Sarah Almond

    We’ve kind of had the polar thing going on, but not nearly as bad as other parts of the US have experienced. Maybe if we all start thinking really warm thoughts simultaneously it will warm up. Ready… set… GO! Nothing? No? Didn’t work? DAMN!

    • tamtam5

      if only it were that simple!

  • Menopausalmother

    Your stories are hilarious! And I love the pictures you included. Hey, with all those pickles, you could make fried pickle chips—so yummy! Now you’re gonna kill me for saying this but I WISH I had some of that cold weather down here in south Florida. It was 81 degrees today and I hate the heat. Obviously I am living in the wrong state….

    • tamtam5

      I do love fried pickle chips! Great idea!
      ooooohhhhh 81 degrees….

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