I saw this chart last year and immediately took a dollar and put it in an envelope. The next week I put 2. And just like the chart shows us the money began to (fairly) painlessly grow. I did not start at the beginning of the year but am happy to say that I was able to skim 528 bucks out of my own pocket and put it into a savings account!! Well, I put 500 in anyway. The rest may have been spent on a bottle of red and some shrimp for New Years Eve…  I highly recommend this as an easy savings experiment. Even if you reach a point where the amount gets to be painful, you can always stop there and cycle back down to 1 and then go up again. I have already started my 2014 envelope with a dollar and the date I put it in!

Give it a try!

  • myfabfitforties

    This is awesome!!

    • tamtam5

      It was pretty painless too!

  • catarzina

    I think we can get you a stint on CNBC with this….its brilliant! :)

    • tamtam5

      I could be their new financial advisor!

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